Your Custom Furniture Finishes Destination

Finesse Custom Finishing & Cabinetry Corp. is proud to offer our beautiful custom furniture finishes. Our commitment to excellent customer support allows us to provide you with the highest quality custom furniture finishes and other services. Our professionally trained staff has years of knowledge and experience through our hands-on finishing work.

Protect Your Furniture

Finishing helps protect your furniture as well as maintain its beautiful appearance. Our custom furniture finishes also make your pieces easier to clean and keep clear of debris. Finished furniture also has less of a tendency to become filled with bacteria since the pores in the wood are sealed with our special coating. Our finishes come in many colors for your convenience. Our wide selection ensure your newly finished components look marvelous in your living space or work environment.

We understand how important your furniture is to you. You use it for work and relaxation daily. You entertain guests with your furniture so they have a place to sit, put down their drink or simply talk to one another. Our thorough and detailed custom furniture finishes remain beautiful and durable for years to come.

Years of Finishing Experience

Finesse Custom Finishing & Cabinetry Corp. has years of experience providing customers with quality custom furniture finishes. We aim to restore your furniture to its original glory. Don't spend more money on buying new, expensive furniture when you have simply have it restored or refinished.

Our staff works diligently and efficiently to give you the most beautiful and durable finishes for all your furniture. Your satisfaction is our main priority. We perform service throughout New York City, Long Island, The Hamptons and in many other areas. For more information on our custom furniture finishes and service areas, please contact us today. Our number is 631-924-2409.