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Posted On: April 14, 2017
Posted On: April 14, 2017
Posted On: April 14, 2017
Posted On: April 14, 2017
Posted On: April 14, 2017


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Apr 14, 2017


From time to time we get asked "What should I use to clean my wood furniture?" Most furniture polishing products eat into the finish of the furniture and causes a build up of oils/resins over time.

We recommend the use of microfiber cloths. They come in an array of colors and shapes and can also be used to clean a multitude of things. Yes, even your glasses as well as clean the interior and exterior of your car, it's a never ending list.

Here's how:

Materials: 2 clean microfiber cloths and water

Step 1: Inspect your surface for any damages (nicks, dents, scratches). If you notice any of these things on the surface be careful so as not to make more damage.

Step 2: Take a clean microfiber cloth, wet it with water. Squeeze out the excess water and gently wipe the area.

Step 3: Take the 2nd clean microfiber cloth and go over the same area.

That's it, easy as 1,2,3!

Check back soon for tips on removing grease safely from your kitchen cabinets. For questions or topics that you would like more information on, click on the Contact Us tab and fill in the information.