Exterior Finishing in the Northeast


Posted On: April 14, 2017
Posted On: April 14, 2017
Posted On: April 14, 2017
Posted On: April 14, 2017
Posted On: April 14, 2017


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Apr 14, 2017

There are two seasons that are best for exterior finishing projects in the Northeast, autumn and spring. You need indirect sunlight, low to no wind,  and temperatures between 70 degrees and 65 degrees for the best results. Temperatures vary by the components of the material. For instance, the temperatures  previously mentioned relate to oil based exterior finishes. Other materials can be used in less temperatures because they have components in those materials that  once applied, sets faster.  This reduces the chance of uncontrollable variables sticking to the finish. Always fully research the products you intend to use.

  Here are a few things you need to know before you start the project:

     Plan ahead. Is it for a special occasion? Are you sprucing up for autumn, spring or any other season.If you are focusing on the exterior, then you already know that it's a autumn or spring project. This means for autumn,  you have to start planning in July and start watching the weather in early September. 

    Estimate your preparation time. How long it will take for you to protect all the areas that you do not want to get the material on. Also, it is very important to find out how much drying time is needed between applications                                                           

      Check your surroundings for variables that can affect your finish. Have the leaves and acorns begun to fall? If spring, is it windy and is the pollen blowing around?

 Ask yourself, "have I acquired all the information I need to know and do I have all the supplies required?"


   Knowing the above information will give great insight as to how much time you will need to set aside for this project, from start to completion. Timed just right you can get the best results.

 As November draws near, temperatures are not ideal for this type of project. Timing is everything, so remember there’s always spring!